Visitors testimonials

The Preshow Permanent is a must-attend event, and it is the buyers who talk best about it!
Interview in March 2017

Carine Bonnet, Toy Category Manager, Groupe Casino

“Preshow permanent = The place to work !
Optimal working conditions for the preselections of the year-round collections (and the last adjustments for the end of the year during the Grands Prix du Jouet the day before). The event allows you to meet and see the products – with demonstrations – of as many suppliers as possible in a minimum amount of time, compared to appointments at the headquarters.
Preshows combine the confidentiality of closed showrooms with the friendliness of lunches and evenings. They give us, in two days, a broad vision of the market, trends and licenses.” 

Stéphane Buchoux, Toy Buyer, Auchan

“Permanent Preshow is the perfect moment to launch the sourcing campaign for the next year-round collection. Bringing many key players together in one place allows us to optimize our time. For us, it is also an opportunity to meet new suppliers.”

Thierry Le Lan, Group Purchasing Manager, King Jouet

What could be better than a show that brings together a majority of suppliers on a central axis! Preshow Permanent is for us, buyers, an essential step in understanding future collections and starting to build our offer. It is a human-sized show where suppliers from all toy categories and distribution players meet. An event where you can take the time to work calmly and exchange ideas. Due to its configuration and the suppliers present, Preshow Permanent allows us, as decision-makers, to save precious time. We can also meet people we probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet elsewhere; and thus enrich our offer. Because let us not forget that it is the offer that makes the market, and differentiation that makes the strength. This show continues to grow and becomes, like the Preshow of Deauville, a must see.”

Yoann Marfa-Anglada, Head of Purchasing Department, Ludendo

“Preshow Permanent has become an essential event to take stock of the end of the current year, but above all to prepare the next collection. It allows you to meet, in a single place, nearly fifty suppliers; with a principle of very efficient private appointments. The show also gives us the opportunity to discover new speakers. Finally, the cocktail is a very friendly moment between all the key players in the sector!”

Valérie Prot, Purchasing Director, WDK Groupe Partner

“Today, even the leading multinational toy companies are able to present their year-round programme between mid-June and mid-July! This means that the organizers of the Preshow Permanent anticipated the good retro-planning of French distribution more than 10 years ago. For WDK Partner Group, the year-round market is of major importance. Our buyers appreciate any grouping of suppliers, regardless of their size, potential or product typology, because they are always interested in discovering new players while updating their catalogue base. Finally, if Roissy CDG does not have the charm of Deauville, it must nevertheless be said that the site is ideally served for both the inhabitants of Paris and the provinces!”

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